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        This repository contains NASA's final NEPA documents.

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Environmental Assessments
  WFF   AQM-37  
        HQ-0833-WFF-AQM-37 FEA 20030620.pdf - (Final EA)   04/21/2008  
        wff_aqm-37_fonsi.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  WFF   Antares 200 Configuration Expendable Launch Vehicle at Wallops Flight Facility  
        Antares_V2_FINAL_SEA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/11/2015  
        SIGNED Antares 200 SEA FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/11/2015  
        USAF_Tower_FEA-Nov_2017.pdf - (Final EA)   04/30/2018  
        FINAL FONSI (signed 16 Nov 17).pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/30/2018  
  WFF   Commercial ELV Mission  
        COMET EA 1992.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Conestoga FONSI 1992.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
  WFF   Construction of a Rocket Motor Storage Facility  
        Rocket Motor Storage EA 1994.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Rocket Motor Storage FONSI 1994.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
  WFF   Coqui II Sounding Rocket Mission  
        Coqui II EA 1998.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Coqui II FONSI 1998.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
        HQ-0884-DASEF-ITEC_FEA_20040510.pdf - (Final EA)   04/21/2008  
  WFF   EA for Sanitary Sewage Lift Station and Force Main, and Water Main Connection  
        WCDAS Sanitary Sewer FONSI 8-20-2004.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  WFF   EA for the Construction of Turnout Lanes from VA Hwy 175 to NOAA  
        WCDAS Road Turnout FEA 8-9-2004.pdf - (Final EA)   01/13/2014  
        WCDAS Road Turnout Final FONSI 8-9-2004.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  WFF   East Coast Home Basing of Triton UAS  
        Triton-HomeBasing-Final_EA_.pdf - (Final EA)   04/30/2018  
        Triton FONSI_signed_08 Feb 2017.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/30/2018  
  WFF   El Coqui Sounding Rocket Project  
        Coqui EA 1991.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Coqui FONSI 1991.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
  WFF   Engineering Building EA  
        HQ-0227-Eng Bldg FEA 200408.pdf - (Final EA)   04/21/2008  
        Engr Bldg FEA.PDF - (Final EA)   01/13/2014  
        Eng Bldg FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  WFF   Environmental Assessment for E-2/C-2 FCLP Operations from NAS Norfolk  
        Main Report_Final EA_E2C2 FCLP Operations.pdf - (Final EA)   09/12/2013  
        NASA FCLP Adoption FONSI SIGNED 20131218.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/19/2014  
        FONSI E2C2 FCLP.PDF - (Final FONSI)   09/12/2013  
  WFF   Establishment of Restricted Area Airspace R-6604C/D/E  
        FINAL_R6604_ CDE_EA_full.pdf - (Final EA)   10/25/2016  
        FINAL_R-6604_CDE_FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   10/25/2016  
  WFF   Low Density Supersonic Decelerators Supplemental Environmental Assessment  
        NASA_LDSD_FSEA.pdf - (Final EA)   05/28/2015  
        EXECUTED LDSD SEA FONSI- 16Apr2015.pdf - (Final FONSI)   05/28/2015  
  WFF   Marsh Fiber Project  
        NASA WFF Marsh Fiber Draft EA_with Appendices_April.pdf - (Draft EA)   04/15/2020  
  WFF   Navy DD(x) Facility  
        Final DD(x) EA.pdf - (Final EA)   01/12/2012  
        DD_x_ FONSI final.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/12/2012  
  WFF   Payload Processing Facility EA  
        PPF_EA.pdf - (Final EA)   01/12/2012  
        PPF_FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/12/2012  
  WFF   Pegasus ELV  
        Pegasus ELV EA 1993.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Pegasus ELV FONSI 1993.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
  WFF   Post-Hurricane Sandy Shoreline Repair  
        SRIPP TEA FEA w Appendices.pdf - (Final EA)   08/19/2014  
        NASA Post Sandy Repair FONSI SIGNED 20130619.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/19/2014  
  WFF   Proposed Expansion of the Launch Range at GSFC's WFF  
        MARS_Final_EA.pdf - (Final EA)   09/10/2009  
        FAA MARS FONSI to NASA Expansion EA Final 20100803 (Signed).pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  WFF   Range Operations Expansion  
        EWLR_FEA.pdf - (Final EA)   01/07/2015  
        1997 WFF-MARS Range Expansion EA.pdf - (Final EA)   01/07/2015  
        MARS_FINAL_FONSI_signed1.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/07/2015  
        1997_Launch_Range_FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/07/2015  
  WFF   Reconfiguration of the WFF Main Base Main Entrance  
        MAIN_GATE_FINAL_072211_webview.pdf - (Final EA)   01/12/2012  
        MGEA FONSI FINAL_signed08032011.pdf - (Final FONSI)   11/15/2011  
  WFF   Shoreline Enhancement and Restoration Project Tiered EA  
        WFF SERP EA__V3.pdf - (Final EA)   12/07/2018  
        _Final_WFF_SERP_EA_Full.pdf - (Final EA)   06/28/2019  
        signed FONSI SERP EA 2019.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/16/2019  
  WFF   Tree clearing  
        Tree Clearing FEA.PDF - (Final EA)   01/14/2014  
        Tree Clearing FONSI.PDF - (Final FONSI)   01/14/2014  
  WFF   U.S. Navy Testing of Hypervelocity Projectiles and an Electromagnetic Railgun at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility  
        Final_HVP-Railgun_EA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/11/2015  
        HVP-Railgun_FONSI _signed.PDF - (Final FONSI)   12/11/2015  
  WFF   Unmanned Aerial System Airstrip Environmental Assessment  
        UAS_FEA_doc.pdf - (Final EA)   07/13/2012  
        FINAL_FONSI _UAS_FEA.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/13/2012  
  WFF   Wallops Flight Facility Alternative Energy Project  
        AltEnergy_DEA.pdf - (Draft EA)   03/08/2010  
        Alternative_Energy_Project_Final_EA.pdf - (Final EA)   01/12/2012  
        Alt Energy EA FONSI FINAL.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/12/2012  
  WFF   Wallops Research Park  
        WRP_FEA.pdf - (Final EA)   10/07/2008  
        WRP_FONSI 081808.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/13/2014  
  29 Projects 
Environmental Impact Statements
  WFF   Shoreline Restoration and Infrastructure Protection  
        SRIPP_Draft_PEIS_Volume_I_reduced_size.pdf - (Draft)   02/26/2010  
        SRIPP_EIS_Volume_II_Appendices.pdf - (Draft)   02/26/2010  
        SRIPP_Final_PEIS_Volume_I.pdf - (Final EIS)   11/18/2010  
        SRIPP ROD SIGNED 20101213 Word version.pdf - (Record of Decision)   01/12/2011  
  WFF   WFF Site-Wide Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement  
        Draft_WFF_Site-wide_PEIS_EPA.pdf - (Draft)   04/26/2018  
        Final+Site-wide_PEIS_Combined-2.pdf - (Final EIS)   05/13/2019  
        20200325 FAA ROD for NASA WFF PEIS_Signed.pdf - (Record of Decision)   04/13/2020  
        WFF_2019_SW_PEIS_ROD.pdf - (Record of Decision)   07/02/2019  

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