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        This repository contains NASA's final NEPA documents.

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Environmental Assessments
  MSFC   Construction and Operation of Building 4220  
        4220 EA_Final January 2011.pdf - (Final EA)   03/06/2012  
        4220 FONSI_Final_signed.pdf - (Final FONSI)   03/06/2012  
  MSFC   Construction and Operation of Little River  
        EA.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/18/2010  
  MSFC   Construction of a New Engineering Directorate Complex, Shippinig & Receiving Facility, and Child Development Center  
        FONSI .pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/07/2015  
  MSFC   Demolition of Test Stand 4696 at Marshall Space Flight Center  
        TS 4696 EA_Final_July2011.pdf - (Final EA)   03/06/2012  
        TS 4696 FONSI_Final_July2011.pdf - (Final FONSI)   03/06/2012  
  MSFC   EA Impact Test Facility at MSFC  
        Final FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   09/06/2011  
  MSFC   MSFC Sitewide Environmental Assessment  
        JAC068_MSFC_Site-WideEA_Final.pdf - (Final EA)   04/24/2024  
  MSFC   Marshall Exchange Retail Development Property Lease at Marshall Space Flight Center  
        Marshall Exchange EA_Final Feb 2012.pdf - (Final EA)   03/06/2012  
        Marshall Exchange FONSI_Final Feb 2012.pdf - (Final FONSI)   03/06/2012  
  MSFC   Propulsion Research Laboratory  
        Propulsion Research Lab_Final EA_02 2002.pdf - (Final EA)   02/01/2002  
        FONSI Propulsion Research Laboratory.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/07/2015  
  MSFC   Space Shuttle Transition and Property Disposition  
        HQ-1010-FONSI_FR_20080711.pdf - (Administrative Record EA)   07/11/2008  
        HQ-1010_ShuttleEA_Final_7-2008.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/14/2009  
  MSFC   Test Stand 4550 - Ground Vibration Testing (GVT)  
        TS4550 EA_Final.pdf - (Final FONSI)   03/28/2008  
  MSFC   Testing of Scale-Model Solid Rocket Motors at George C. Marshall Space Flight Center  
        SRM Final EA.pdf - (Final EA)   11/30/2015  
        Signed Final FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   11/30/2015  
  MSFC   Vehicle and Technology Demonstration Concepts  
        1996 June Final X-33 Programatic EA VTDC.pdf - (Final EA)   11/30/2015  
  12 Projects 
Environmental Impact Statements
  MSFC   Solid Rocket Motor Project  
        SRM Final EA_September2010.pdf - (Final EIS)   09/10/2010  
        SRM Final FONSI_September 2010 (2).pdf - (Record of Decision)   12/02/2010  
        HQ-0008-MSFC-EIS-Solid-Rocket_Motor_1975.pdf - (Record of Decision)   05/08/2008  

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