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        This repository contains NASA's final NEPA documents.

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Environmental Assessments
  KSC   Advanced Composition Explorer  
        EA ACE Mission May 1997.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Advanced Technology Development Center  
        EA Advanced Technlgy Devlpmnt Cntr Cape Canaveral Spaceport.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
        FONSI_KSC_Advanced Technology Development Center.pdf - (Final FONSI)   10/20/2014  
  KSC   Apollo/Saturn 5 Center  
        EA Apollo-Saturn V Center KSC June 1992.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
        Boeing CST FONSI and EA Signed.pdf - (Final EA)   06/13/2016  
        Boeing CST-100 FONSI and SEA_Final.pdf - (Final EA)   05/21/2019  
  KSC   Banana River Dredging-Spoil Sites  
        Banana River Dredging Spoil Sites EA Apr 1991.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   CCP Boeing Starliner Landing and Recovery at U.S. Army Wilcox Range  
        Willcox EA Public Review Version.pdf - (Draft EA)   03/01/2019  
        Willcox EA Final Release July 2019 with NASA FONSI.pdf - (Final EA)   07/01/2019  
  KSC   Construction & Maintenance Instrumentation Lines of Sight  
        EA for the Proposed Construction & Maintenance of Instrumen.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Development & Maintenance of Patrick Air Force Base  
        EA Dev & Maint of Patrick AFB FL.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Development of the Crew Exploration Vehicle  
        CEV_FINAL_EA_20060801.pdf - (Final EA)   01/28/2008  
  KSC   Draft EA Boeing CST-100 Land Landing at WSMR  
        WSMR Draft EA for Public Review.pdf - (Draft EA)   09/17/2018  
        WSMR Supplemental Environmental Assessment Public Release Version with FONSI.pdf - (Draft EA)   06/17/2020  
        CCAFS-WSMR Environmental Assessment Final 6-4-19 Rev2.pdf - (Final EA)   04/06/2019  
  KSC   Draft Environmental Assessment for Exploration Park North  
        ExpParkNorth_FINAL EA 07-27-21.pdf - (Draft EA)   08/01/2021  
  KSC   EA Advanced Technlgy Devlpmnt Cntr Cape Canaveral Spaceport, FL May 2001  
        EA+FONSI_FAA_Spaceport America Project.pdf - (Final EA)   10/28/2014  
  KSC   EA for FPL Solar Facility at KSC  
        FPL_KSC Solar Project Revised Draft EA_08.01.2018.pdf - (Draft EA)   09/17/2018  
        FPL_KSC Solar Project Final EA_12.2018.pdf - (Final EA)   12/01/2018  
        FONSI for EA for FPL Solar Photovoltaic Facilties KSC--original.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/14/2018  
  KSC   EA for the Construction of Solar Photovoltaic Facilities  
        Final_FPL Solar EA_June08.pdf - (Final EA)   05/18/2009  
  KSC   Engineering Technology Development Complex (ETDC)  
        EA+FONSI_KSC_Proposed Egineering Technology Development Complex (ETDC).pdf - (Final EA)   10/20/2014  
        FONSI_KSC_Proposed Egineering Technology Development Complex (ETDC).pdf - (Final FONSI)   10/20/2014  
  KSC   Environmental Assessment for SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy Launch Vehicle at KSC  
        20190807_Final_DRAFT_EA_SpaceX_Starship.pdf - (Draft EA)   08/07/2019  
        20190919_Final_EA_SpaceX_Starship.pdf - (Final EA)   09/19/2019  
        SpaceX Starship FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   09/19/2019  
  KSC   Environmental Effects of the STS-1 Flight and Readiness Firing and Launch  
        STS 1.pdf - (Final EA)   01/13/2016  
  KSC   Expanded Use KSC Shuttle Landing Facility  
        SLF_Expanded_Use_Final_EA_200809.pdf - (Final EA)   11/04/2008  
  KSC   Exploration Park Phase 1  
        Final Space Exploration Phase 1 EA.pdf - (Final EA)   05/22/2009  
  KSC   Final EA for Jacksonville Aviation Authority Launch Site Operators License at Cecil Field, FL  
        20090625_Final_Cecil_Field_EA.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/16/2018  
  KSC   Flight Vehicle Landing Support Complex  
        EA Flight Vehicle & Landing Support Complex Shuttle Landing.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Genesis Mission  
        Genesis Mission EA Nov 2000 JPL.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Industrial Activities Borrow Pit  
        BorrowPitEA2910.pdf - (Final EA)   08/19/2010  
  KSC   KSC 2020 Vision Plan Draft EA  
        KSC 2020 Vision Plan and Draft EA.pdf - (Draft EA)   07/02/2020  
        KSC Vision Plan FINAL 04SEPT2020.pdf - (Final EA)   09/04/2020  
  KSC   KSC Central Campus Complex  
        centralCampusEA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/17/2015  
  KSC   KSC Class III Landfill  
        KSC Class III Landfill EA PCN 95812 Apr 1993 KSC-DF-3642.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   KSC Launch Complex 48 Draft Environmental Assessment  
        LC 48 Environmental Assessment with Appendices_02.19.2019.pdf - (Draft EA)   04/03/2019  
        FINAL EA _LC-48_5_30_2019.pdf - (Final EA)   05/30/2019  
        KSC LC-48 EA - FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/17/2022  
  KSC   KSC Replacement Administrative Building Complex and Next Big Thing  
        DNC-Admin-Complex_Final EA04-23-24.pdf - (Final EA)   04/22/2024  
        KSC VC Admin Bldg and NBT EA FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/29/2024  
  KSC   KSC Shoreline Protection  
        FINAL _EA_Shoreline_Aug 17_2015.pdf - (Final EA)   12/17/2015  
  KSC   KSC Visitor Center Retail Warehouse EA  
        KSC Visitor Center Retail Warehouse EA.pdf - (Draft EA)   12/07/2023  
  KSC   KSC Visitors Center Access Road  
        VIC AccessRd EA_Final.pdf - (Final EA)   01/01/2018  
        FONSI for EA for KSCVC Access Road, KSC-6.5.18 and FONSI Briefing Note.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/06/2018  
  KSC   KSC Visitors Center Gateway to Space Exhibit  
        Gateway-to-Space EA FINAL_2018-12.pdf - (Draft EA)   12/01/2018  
        EAFB EA Public Review Draft 18Nov21.pdf - (Draft EA)   11/11/2021  
  KSC   Multi-User Launch Pad 39A and 39B  
        finalMultiuseEA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/17/2015  
        fonsi.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/17/2015  
  KSC   NAVSTAR Global Positioning System  
        MLV2REA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/17/2015  
  KSC   Natural Gas Distribution Mains - City Gas  
        EA CCAS Natural Gas Distrib Syst City Gas Co of FL CCAS Brevard Cty FL Sep 1995.pdf - (Final EA)   10/05/2010  
  KSC   Pass and Identification Station (PIDS)  
        PIDsEAfinal11-21-05.pdf - (Final EA)   01/13/2016  
  KSC   Payload Spin Test Facility Replacement  
        Law Env EA Payload Spin Test Fac Replcmnt Jan 1992.PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Pegasus Launches at CCAFS  
        20110302 EA and FONSI for Pegasus at CCAFS Final_Rev-1.pdf - (Final EA)   03/02/2016  
  KSC   Replacement of Fire Station Number 2 at the Shuttle Landing Facility  
        EA+FONSI_JSC_Proposed Construct New Fire Station Number 2 at the Shuttle Landining Facility (SLF).pdf - (Final EA)   10/20/2014  
        FONSI_JSC_Proposed Construct New Fire Station Number 2 at the Shuttle Landining Facility (SLF).pdf - (Final FONSI)   10/20/2014  
  KSC   Roberts Road SpaceX Operations Area Expansion & Supporting Infrastructure on Kennedy Space Center  
        RR North Expansion_Draft SEA.pdf - (Draft EA)   09/14/2023  
        05222024 RR North Expansion_Final SEA _ Appendices (1).pdf - (Final EA)   04/30/2024  
  KSC   SLF Block 2-6 Development EA  
        SF_SLF_EA_Draft_01.11.2021_CLEAN.pdf - (Draft EA)   01/15/2021  
  KSC   Shuttle Launch Simulator Facility  
        shuttlesimulator_EAfinal.pdf - (Final EA)   01/13/2016  
  KSC   Space Experiments Research Processing Lab  
        EA for Space Experiments Research and Processing Lab March .PDF - (Final EA)   11/08/2010  
  KSC   Space Florida Launch Site Operator License  
        Space_Florida_FEA_200809.pdf - (Final EA)   11/10/2008  
  KSC   SpaceX Falcon 1 and 9 Launch Program at CCAFS  
        Final Falcon 1and9 EA Nov 2007.pdf - (Final EA)   08/04/2008  
  KSC   SpaceX Operations Area on KSC  
        FINAL_ SpaceX_EA_Roberts Rd_10-2-18.pdf - (Final EA)   10/02/2018  
        FONSI for EA for Space Exploration Technologies Opersations Area KSC--originalsigned.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/14/2018  
  KSC   Sub-orbital Processing, Launch, and Recovery Operations  
        Final SubOrb EA 08-24-12.pdf - (Final EA)   12/17/2015  
  KSC   Visitor Complex New Parking Area  
        VIC Parking Lot EA_Final.pdf - (Final EA)   01/14/2020  
  49 Projects 
Environmental Impact Statements
  KSC   International Space Research Park  
        ISRP_EIS_2004.pdf - (Final EIS)   11/23/2004  
        ISRP ROD.pdf - (Record of Decision)   11/23/2004  
  KSC   KSC Center-Wide Operations Final PEIS  
        Kennedy Space Center Final PEIS 11-28-2016.pdf - (Final EIS)   11/28/2016  
        ksceis_signed_rod.pdf - (Record of Decision)   03/10/2017  

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