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        This repository contains NASA's final NEPA documents.

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Environmental Assessments
  JPL   Construction of the In-Situ Instrumentation Laboratory  
        EA August 12, 1998.pdf - (Final EA)   01/17/2014  
        NEPA Notice.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/17/2014  
  JPL   EA JPL On-Site Parking Structure  
        NASA JPL Onsite Parking Structure EA_Final_with signed FONSI.pdf - (Final EA)   07/18/2012  
        Signed FONSI_ Parking Structure EA0001.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/18/2012  
  JPL   EA for Flight Projects Center  
        JPL Flight Project Center EA.pdf - (Final EA)   12/09/2009  
  JPL   EA for the Outrigger Telescope Project  
        EA for Keck OTP-2-2002.pdf - (Final EA)   06/03/2015  
        Determinaion of Required Mitigation and Decision.pdf - (Final FONSI)   02/10/2017  
  JPL   Genesis  
        Genesis FEA -4-2001.pdf - (Final EA)   12/02/2014  
        Genesis FONSI-4-24-01.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/22/2014  
  JPL   Goldstone Route B  
        EA Rte B Final 20080904.pdf - (Final EA)   10/01/2008  
  JPL   JPL Fortify Security Gates  
        NASA_JPL_Security_Gates_Fortification_Final EA.pdf - (Final EA)   05/09/2018  
        NASA_JPL_Security_Gates_Fortification_Signed FONSI_051016.pdf - (Final FONSI)   05/09/2018  
  JPL   LDSD Demonstration Mission at the Pacific Missile Range Facility  
        LDSD_Final_FEA_20130523.pdf - (Final EA)   01/23/2014  
        LDSD_FEA_FONSI_20130510.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/23/2014  
  JPL   Mars Global Surveyor Mission  
        MGS EA_Notice of Availability.pdf - (Final EA)   12/03/2014  
        MGS FONSI-12-19-1995.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/02/2014  
  JPL   Mars Observer Mission  
        MO FEA-7-8-1992.pdf - (Final EA)   04/30/2014  
        MO-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/30/2014  
  JPL   Mars Pathfinder Mission  
        MPF FEA-7-1994.pdf - (Final EA)   04/30/2014  
        MPF FONSI-10-24-1994.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/30/2014  
  JPL   NuSTAR  
        SIRTF Final EA-11-2001.pdf - (Final EA)   12/02/2014  
        NuSTAR_FONSI_Approved.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/22/2014  
  JPL   Programmatic EA JPL Facility Master Plan  
        Final EA JPL_Master_Plan_FONSI.pdf - (Final EA)   02/01/2012  
        Signed FONSI Master Plan EA.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/18/2012  
  JPL   Space InfraRed Telescope Facility (SIRTF)  
        SIRTF FEA-11-2001.pdf - (Final EA)   01/22/2014  
        SIRTF FONSI-3-11-2002.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/22/2014  
  JPL   Stardust  
        Stardust FEA-3-1998.pdf - (Final EA)   01/22/2014  
        Stardust FONSI-FR-5-7-1998.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/22/2014  
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