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        This repository contains NASA's final NEPA documents.

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Environmental Assessments
  GSFC   ACE  
        EA_GSFC_Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) Mission.pdf - (Final EA)   10/20/2014  
        Ace.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/25/2010  
  GSFC   Alan Shepard Discovery Center  
        Shepard Discovery Center.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/16/2014  
  GSFC   Blossom Point Expansion of Ground Communications Terminal Facilities  
        Final_EA_with_Signed_FONSI_BPTF (28Oct14).pdf - (Final EA)   06/22/2015  
        Blossom Point signed NASA FONSI (13Feb15).pdf - (Final FONSI)   06/22/2015  
  GSFC   Brown University Life Sciences Building  
        Brown.pdf - (Final FONSI)   11/06/2007  
        EOSDIS and ESSB EA Final 1991-February.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/05/2011  
  GSFC   Earth Observing System EA  
        EOS Final PEA 1997.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/05/2011  
  GSFC   FUSE and WIRE  
        FUSE-WIRE EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2011  
  GSFC   GSFC/Greenbelt Master Plan  
        Master Plan EA-FONSI 2002-December.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/25/2010  
  GSFC   Gamma-Ray Observatory (GRO)  
        GRO EA 1-15-1982.pdf - (Final EA)   01/06/2014  
        GRO FONSI 6-7-1982.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2014  
  GSFC   Greenbelt Master Plan  
        Greenbelt Master Plan EA Jul2021.pdf - (Final EA)   07/01/2021  
        Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) August 2021 Document Signed.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/18/2021  
  GSFC   Gypsy Moth Suppression  
        Gypsy Moth EA with Decision Notice 2003-April.pdf - (Final FONSI)   11/06/2007  
  GSFC   ICESat  
        ICESat 1 EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   02/05/2013  
        IMAGE-HESSI EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2011  
  GSFC   Instrument Development Facility/Area Development Plan (IDF ADP  
        Goddard IDF ADP_ Final_EA_070615 wo line numbers.pdf - (Final EA)   07/23/2015  
        IDF-ADP FINAL FONSI Signed 07-09-15.pdf - (Final FONSI)   07/23/2015  
        MAP EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2011  
  GSFC   Modifications and Operations of SLC-2W for Delta II VAFB  
        Modification and Operations of SLC-2W for DELTA II VAFB JUne 1993.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/16/2014  
  GSFC   NOAA-L and NOAA-M  
        NOAA-L NOAA-M EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   08/26/2010  
        FINAL OSIRIS-REx EA and FONSI - March 2013.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/30/2013  
  GSFC   Roadway and Security Upgrades  
        Final Roadway and Security Upgrades EA and FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   10/31/2007  
  GSFC   Shuttle Laser Altimeter  
        SLA EA and FONSI 11-6-1995.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/16/2014  
  GSFC   Space Network Expansion East  
        Army's BLOSSOM POINT EA FINAL-20080919.pdf - (Final EA)   04/09/2014  
        SNE East EA and FONSI's.pdf - (Final FONSI)   12/03/2014  
        SNE East FONSI (NASA) signed 12-2-08.pdf - (Final FONSI)   04/09/2014  
  GSFC   Space Science Building  
        GSFC Space Science Building Final EA - FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/05/2006  
        TERRIERS EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2011  
        TIMED EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/06/2011  
  GSFC   Wildlife Management  
        GSFC Wildlife Management EA-FONSI.pdf - (Final FONSI)   01/05/2006  
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